Re: Roofwalks on Southern PS-1 boxcars

Mark Heiden

Hi Allen,

Yep, that does help! Thank you!

Mark Heiden

--- In STMFC@..., "Allen Cain" <allencain@c...> wrote:

I am looking at the fine work by George Eichelberger
titled "Southern
Railway Equipment Drawings and Photographs - Volume 1, Book 1 - 40'
All-Steel Box Cars" which I really recommend if you are doing
modeling of Southern box cars. I note this as I am NOT an expert
on running
boards but only off this to help.

On page 146 reference is made to "steel Morton products
longitudinal and
latitudinal running boards (roof walks)."

On page 156 there is a detailed drawing of the running boards also
referencing Morton as the supplier. On this drawing it shows a
close up of
the boards showing an arrangement of larger circles surrounded by
smaller circles.

I hope this helps.

Allen Cain

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