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Westerners have ranches, not farms (as in
Nebraska and the Dakotas), so those who live in west Texas and
eastern New
Mexico sort of qualify - but
they're still flatlanders, so they don't really know from western.
west is all about mountains. Even in the middle of the Mojave
Desert or
the Great Basin, there are likely to be substantial mountains on the
horizon everywhere you look. From a private pilot's perspective,
the west
is where you worry about terrain clearance. East of the rockies,
you can
fly at 500 ft. AGL all day and never worry about running into
except the occasional microwave tower - at least, until you get to
Appalachians, which are way eastern.
Not all of the western portion of Texas qualifies as 'flatland': fly
out of the El Paso airport and maintain 500' AGL going west [your
normal takeoff direction] When I go up on the roof of my house, so I
can see over other houses, there are some real big rocks sticking up
just a tad above the local desert in several directions. Having
driven west out of Pueblo CO, I won't call them mountains, even if
the cartographers do.

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