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Justin,most of this information is coming from"Company Coal Reports"and
this addresses just that portion of coal traffic.Other information is found
on "Switch Lists"We have collated only a small portion of the information
contained in these reports.

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What struck me (apart from the lone-ranger Clinchfield car, and those
cars came a long way) was the relatively large number of Montour hoppers
delivering coal; is it possible the Rutland had an advantageous contract
with an operator along the Montour?

Jace Kahn, General Manager
Ceres and Canisteo RR Co.

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Armand Premo wrote:
"There is photographic evidence of NKP hopper 87304 delivering company
coal directly in Rutland (circa 1950). Company coal was normally
delivered at Alburgh_."

So far in the Rutland waybill analysis, out of 219 hoppers, no NKP
hoppers and one from the Wheeling & Lake Erie: WLE 61909, delivering
company coal at Alburgh, 10 January 1951.
Here's substantially more data, also compiled from old reports in
Armand Premo's possession:

The location is Alburgh, Vt., where the Rutland transloaded coal from
foreign cars to home cars. The name of the document is "Report of Cars
Arrived, Ordered, Placed and Released", and the time frame is January
through July of 1948. The following numbers of coal-carrying cars were
reported (not necessarily hoppers; could be gons, etc.)

B&A 2
B&LE 4
B&M 2
B&O 82
C&O 4
CC&O 1
D&H 9
DL&W 4
L&N 1
LV 9
Montour 33
M&StL 2
N&W 4
NC&StL 1
NH 3
NYC 23
P&LE 10
P&S 2
PRR 39
Rutland 142
RDG 15
W&LE 2
WM 1

There's plenty of cars there that theories would tell you shouldn't be

Jeff English
Troy, New York
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