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Are the Walthers cars related to the AHM, Robins Rails, Con-Cor models,
mold-wise or otherwise? These were post-4-57 (pun intended) 2893 CF

Doug Brown

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Is the Athearn version the original version?
Yes.  If you look at the Athearn annoucement PDF files, it shows the
version with evenly spaced hatches and channel rib above the trucks.

Ken Edmier
Ken and Bill,
The photo of the Santa Fe PS-2 shown at this link is one of only three
groups of 2893 c.f. PS-2s with hatch spacing as shown (the others were
two series owned by Southern Ry. and only the first order had channel
side supports at the bolsters). Thus, the photo shown in their web site
was an unfortunate choice as they have many others that could have been

Based on my conversations with Athearn, it is my understanding that
they are producing the far more common 2893 c.f. PS-2 with the outboard
hatches nearly in line with the bolster center lines and the
intermediate sets of hatches 11'-9 3/4" from the car's center line.
Incidentally, there were four other groups of cars with the
intermediate hatches one foot further inboard than the more common
arrangement. These cars were built early in the production cycle: CB&Q
85000-85029, CIL 4401-4430, T&NO 3675-3899, and WAB 31000-31039 (all
built late 1953 to early 1954).

Walthers is producing the post April 1957 version of the car having hat
section side supports at the bolsters. I have submitted articles about
both groups of cars to Railmodel Journal for publication sometime this
fall when the models are supposed to be out.
Ed Hawkins

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