Re: Proto 2K Erie 50' DD Auto/furniture car #65093

Richard Hendrickson

On Jul 10, 2005, at 4:58 PM, stefanelaine wrote:

I'm just putting this one together and wondering if the as provided
Ajax brakewheel, steel round hole brake platform, black underframe and
AAR trucks, and wood running boards in black car cement on a
galvanized roof are appropriate for this car by the early 1950s.
According to the Erie freight car diagram for this series, hand brakes were Ajax and trucks were Barber Stabilized. The kit trucks aren't bad, but Branchline's Barber trucks would be slightly more accurate. The AC&F builder's photo confirms this information and also shows that the running boards and brake step on these cars were either Apex or Blaw-Knox steel grid type. By the early '50s I would expect that most of these cars would have been repainted with black roofs and ends (per standard Erie practice) and large Erie diamond heralds.

Also, anyone have ideas on an appropriate reweigh location code for
this car
Here are the Erie symbols I have recorded (+ indicates large shops that reweighed a lot of cars):

BH = Brier Hill (Youngstown), OH CD = Cleveland CX = Croxton, NJ DO = Dunmore, PA + EB = East Buffalo
HD = Hammond, IN HL = Hornell, NY KE = Kent, OH MDV = Meadville, PA Shops + PJ = Port Jervis, NY +

Richard Hendrickson

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