Re: Canadian open hoppers in USA

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Max Carey wrote:

I am guessing that a lot of coal moved from the USA into Canada by
rail during the steam era, and it seems reasonable that some of it may
have moved on hoppers of Canadian railroads. However, I can't recall
ever actually seeing a Canadian hopper in the States back then. I would
appreciate information on the subject, including specifics on the
names of the Canadian roads and the kinds of cargo.

You are correct about coal moving from the US into Canada. It moved both by all-rail and via colliers or barges across the Great Lakes (I am not aware of any US Coal entering Canada via the St. Lawrence).

The percentages of coal hoppers-owned by booth the CN and CPR were quite low (4,825 hoppers out of a total 101,189 revenue freight cars as per the 4/55 ORER for the CN, and 4,307 hoppers of the total 74,483 revenue cars on the CPR).

Unless there were severe hopper shortages in the US, there may have been problems with US Customs in having Canadian Hoppers cross the border southbound empty - US Customs could have imposed a duty upon those hoppers. Therefore, almost every Canadian hopper appearing in the US had to have crossed the border southbound loaded.

Tim Gilbert

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