Re: McKean 40' PS-1 combo door box car

Bill McCoy <bugsy451@...>

Mark, Thanks. I'll go with the MILW 29000s with the side sill mods.
Any suggestion for a picture source? Also there was an outfit that
advertised roofs and separate roofwalk supports which I'll need.
This was recent and the roof got good reviews and the company name
has left me. Anyone got any idea who it is?

Bill McCoy

--- In STMFC@..., "Mark Heiden" <mark_heiden@h...> wrote:
Hi Bill,

According to the NEB&W website, 40' PS-1 boxcars were still in
production after 1966. In 1966 Atlantic Coast Line received 800
cars, in 1967 Seaboard Coast Line received 950 cars, and in 1968,
the final year listed for 40' PS-1 construction, the Milwaukee
received 25 cars. However, all of these cars were built with

The Milwaukee did have 40' PS-1s with combination doors, series
29000-29499, 500 cars built 1958. A solid side sill ran the
of the car, with a drop section spanning from bolster to bolster.
couldn't find a reference to such a Rock Island car.

Unfortunately, I don't think there is a ready prototype for your
car, but side sills can be modified with strip styrene.

Mark Heiden

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I picked up a McKean Master Series undecorated 40' PS-1
plug and sliding door box car kit in April. The car has an 8'
youmgstown silding door and a 7' smooth riveted plug door. There
cast on door stops for the plug and sliding door and complete
door tracks. The sides are welded. The ends are 5-4 with the
horizontal rib at the top and the 6 vertical ribs below the roof
walk. It has the riveted seam between the upper and lower end
halves. The roof is the PS-1 roof but with out roofwalk supports
which may make this car too modern for this group but it's hard
imagine a 40' box after 1966 when roofwalks started dissapearing
from new cars. The side sills tabs appear to be PS-1 at the
and there is a side sill reinforcement running the length of the
door opening.

A couple of months ago I posted to the group and got a number of
responses but still didn't get an exact match for the car so I'm
trying again. The Milwaukee and Rock Island were close but still
have differences in side sill detail and I believe are ACF cars.

Thanks in advance for any help identifying this car.

Bill McCoy

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