D&H panel-side USRA hopper details

Mark Heiden

Hello everyone,

I'm working on a model of the Delaware & Hudson rebuilt panel-side
USRA hoppers, and I have some questions regarding certain details.
These cars, rebuilt around 1938, were in the number series 3221-
4200. There is only one photo that I am aware of, and it is in the
pay side of the NEB&W website. For those who subscribe, it can be
found at:


My questions are:

1. When looking at the B-end of the car, the brake cylinder is on
the left, and the air tank is on the right. Where should the triple
valve be located, and should it face to one side of the car, or to
the back?

2. Should each hopper have a door lock? Unfortunately, I don't know
what kind of locks the prototype had.

3. When viewing the car from the side, should there be a brake line
running between the hopper be visible? (as, for example, this B&O
http://www.rr-fallenflags.org/bo/bo347988as.jpg )

4. What color would these hoppers have been painted? What is a good
paint match, preferably water based?

Any help is appreciated.

Mark Heiden

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