Re: Monon Bucyrus crane

Michael Aufderheide


The derrick is likely SWD 1. The following is
information I have from a MOW dept. report written
June 8, 1946:

Car No.: SWD #1
Kind: Wrecking Derrick.
Underframe: Steel.
Body: Steel.
Trucks: 7 x 12 [journals]
CI&L acquired: new 1912.
-Capacity 100 tons.
-8 wheel trucks [?]
-Self propelled.
-Equipped with electric lights furnished by Pyle
National generator.
-Manufactured by Bucyrus Co., Milwaukee Wis.

It was first numbered X-1. Renumbered to SWD 1 prior
to mid 30's. Renumbered to 80001 mid 50's. I'm
relatively sure it lasted until the end (1971). I
have the diagram for it as well if you want it. The
diagram lists the serial number as #1452. I think this
derrick was stationed at Shops and the other (150 ton)
derrick was at Bloomington. Mont?!?!?


Mike Aufderheide

--- bierglaeser <bierglaeser@...> wrote:

I recently acquired a small photo that shows a MONON
Bucyrus crane, the
kind with the 'fishbelly' side sills & arch bar
trucks. According to
the information available to me this was Bucyrus
serial number 182
delivered in May or June 1912. The crane had a
100-ton capacity.

Is the foregoing correct? Did the Monon number this
crane? If yes,
what number? When was it retired? What color was
it painted? My
photo show the crane lettered "MONON" along the
bottom edge of the
cab. Approximately when would or could this
lettering have been first
Thanks in advance to all who have info and respond.
Gene Green

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