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We travel from Charlottesville, VA to Ashland, NH in two jumps with an overnight stop in Oneonta, NY. The return trip will take three days as we are going to stop for the Pioneer Tunnel in Pennsylvania on the way back (I don't know where Sally has us booked for an overnight, but its somewhere near Frackville). Stops along the way are unlikely, unless they are close to where we are overnighting.

I know of three shops in central New Hampshire (Intervale, Wolfboro Falls, and maybe there's still one in Laconia; all are dogs as far as advanced models and parts are concerned). I don't know what's down in Corcord or beyond, but I might head south on a day trip once we're there.

I understand there is a pretty good shop in Rutland. Steam Shack? Is this the same as the guy who offers the resin kits under that name. The ads suggest the store is only open by appointment.

I'm glad I stockpiled a lot of stuff from Caboose Corner on previous visits. Some of it didn't have a use for, but bought just to make sure I'd have it if I ever wanted same. Looks like its going to be time for another quantity order from Intermountain.

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Garth G. Groff

Fred in Vt. wrote:


With respect to the builders pieces question, finding another shop that keeps an inventory like Mr Cook did is a tough one. Heard the same comments about the shops in NH, so no help there. Mohawk in Schenectady has lots of parts, just not the car builders pieces.
Where about are you starting from, maybe the list can find an appropriate "rest stop" on your route. Can't hurt to try at this point.

Fred Freitas

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