Re: Athearn releases/PS2

Ed Hawkins

On Wednesday, July 13, 2005, at 09:54 AM, buchwaldfam wrote:


     Will your articles include any painted-as-built photos of the
CB&Q cars? I've got two of the old Con-Cor PS2 models which I've
replaced the outboard verticals with channel sections, and i'd really
like to find a paint scheme to put on them. Was going to originally
paint them into the Wabash Black, however Burlington would be more
appropriate for the geographic area that I'd like to model.
     Were they painted in the oxide "Everywhere West" scheme?
Yes, there's a builder's photo of 85022 that will be included. The
original cars were painted gray with simple black stencils. No slogans
applied by Pullman-Standard. A later in-service photo shows a car
repainted black.

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