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Bill Schneider <branch@...>

I can't speak to western roads - which for me include Nickel Plate :>) -
but I have done a study of freight train photos on the O&W in the 1950's
for my own roster that may add a couple of things to this discussion.

During the 50's the O&W operated primarily as a bridge line between the
LV and the NH/Erie/NYC/L&HR/L&NE at Maybrook, NY. Most of the O&W's
trains in this era are mixed consists and heavy on house cars, so this
will directly influence the results, but... most of the photos I have
that show hoppers are a mixed bag of road namesin a given train, and
seldom more than 2 of any given road. The most common hoppers on the O&W
are D&H - not surprising when you consider the locale. Pennsy also shows
up on a regular basis, again no surprise. However, I have seen single
B&O hoppers (including a war emergency car circa 1950) on a regular
basis. Also in singles: Cambria & Indiana, Montour, Illinois Central,
Berwind, Reading, NYC, L&NE, DL&W and Erie. Very rare are O&W hoppers,
most were rolling rubble by this point. Notably absent (so far) are N&W.
They must have run them over Young's Gap at night... (sorry Mike).

Based on this small sample I would have to say that individual cars
would not be uncommon on a road with predominantly mixed traffic. OTOH,
its not uncommon to see Pennsy coal drags with large blocks of Berwind,
Cambria & Indiana, C&O, B&O, L&N, N&W and other cars. So, as far as the
SSW goes, grab all the photos you can and see what shows up!

Bill Schneider

Jeff Aley - GCD PE wrote:


It appears to be established fact [*] that eastern road hoppers
went off-line. Question: when they went off line, did they do so as
[essentially] unit trains (i.e. all N&W hoppers together in a giant block)
or were they evenly distributed like box cars (an N&W car, then a C&O,
then a VGN, then a couple more N&W...).



[*] If you state anything long and loud enough, people will believe you

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