Re: Flat Cars as per the 4/1949 ORER

Tim O'Connor

Tony Thompson wrote

. . . I have a beautiful shot of PRR F29 #70008 on the SP in Los Angeles
in 1957 and see no reason why modeling such a load shouldn't be pursued
just because it was uncommon.
Indeed, there's no reason not to model ANYTHING just because it
was uncommon. But if one chooses to model very many uncommon things,
the combination is a deadly foe to realistic modeling. After all, even
in modeling, "uncommon" had better mean exactly that.
Tony, no one said to model "very many" uncommon things. But a depressed center
flat car carrying a transformer was seen on a regular, if not daily, basis on
most any railroad mainline near urban areas (or between them) in the 1950's.
It was NOT unusual, but it was a very small percentage of car loads. People
who model only statistically commonplace items also suffer from a lack of
realism, since their operations can't convey the "AHH-factor" of delight that
one almost always experienced at trackside when you watch a bunch of trains
and see something special like a big transformer load or another uncommon
freight car. YMMV as they say.

65 foot mill gondolas were uncommon too, as you have argued in the past. But
I didn't hear anyone here griping that Athearn is producing a useless model!

Tim O'Connor

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