Re: DL&W USRA Style cars

Brian J Carlson <brian@...>

Jim, not so sure on the ends, could be the angle ofthe pictures. I'll agree
with the doors. Of course the DL&W doors could have been replacements since
we are looking at pictures taken about 18 years apart. Builders photo for the
NYC car and a DL&W car reweighed at Keyser Valley in 1947 (can't tell if the
month is a nine or not)

Brian Carlson

On Sat, 16 Jul 2005 13:17:23 -0700, Jim and Lisa Hayes wrote

Looking at the pictures I can see that the doors, ends, and side
sills are different between the 2 cars. In technical terms, the DL&W
ends are 'outies'; the NYC ends are 'inies'.

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