Re: abrasive blasters


You might be using less pressure or volume but I find the vacuum
necessary to keep the booth relatively clear of being in a virtual
dust cloud. I see much better with the vacuum running and it wasn't
that much of an additional expense. I also attached a vibrator motor
to the underside of the slope sheets to help recycling of the media.

Jerry Glow

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<rhendrickson@o...> wrote:
Also get a shop vac to evacuate the air and keep the booth under
negative pressure. A cheap Sears one will do. If your booth
have a connection for this, you can make one and bolt it over
existing vent on the booth. Note that this vent must also have a
filter to prevent all the grit from being sucked out into the
vac. And for further protection, use one of those dust filters
available at hardware stores.
I haven't found any of this to be necessary, either, though
through a dust filter is obviously a good precaution. I have a
plexiglass front on my sandblasting booth in which there are two
holes with elastic cuffs cut from a cheap nylon jacket, so the
powder can't escape from the booth. Seems a simpler way to
confine the
abrasive to the booth than what Mike is suggesting, but YMMV.

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