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Paul Hillman

What's curious to me is, after the last few years of all these greatly done RTR efforts and special issues of these various manufacturers, all of a sudden a sell-out/merger is necessary. Did the tooling-costs ultimately consume their glorious intents, as well as a below-expected sales volume?

I hope these companies remain by name and quality. I don't want to have to ultimately buy from just one firm.

It's sounding like the prototype mergers. (In that respect, what happened to the anti-trust/monopoly "laws".)

Paul Hillman

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Regarding Walthers + Lifelike --

It's interesting there has been no speculation here on the effect
this combination might have on Branchline for example. BL is owned
by Hobby Stores Distributing and losing the Proto1000/2000 line as
well as already having lost Athearn & Roundhouse makes me wonder if
HSD will either start on a buying spree of its own, or give up and
try to sell Branchline to someone else... in the age old game of
merge, or die!

Tim O'Connor

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