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Denny Wertz <wm1118sl@...>

In the WB Video Allegheny Rails, Vol II, The Western
Maryland Railway, there is a scene near Meyersdale, Pa
of the EB Connellsville-Cumberland local that has
three Canadian Pacific (IIRC) open top hoppers in the
consist. There is no mention of whether they are loads
or empties or their destination. Although rare it is
still a mystery why they were there.

Denny Wertz, WMRHS

--- John Riddell <> wrote:

Max Carey wrote -

Thanks for the information. For the reasons you
gave, a Canadian
open hopper in the USA must have been a rarity. I
can't imagine what
kinds of freight would have moved from Canada to the
USA in open


Iron ore is one example. Unit trains of open hoppers
carried iron ore from northern Ontario to steel
mills near Pittsburgh.
These unit trains consisted of hundreds of CN,
Ontario Northland and Canada Southern open triple
hoppers. But this was after the period of this
group, from 1965 to 1971 .

Another example - in the west during the steam era,
CP open top coal gons carried coal accross the
border from the many large coal mines in the Crows
Nest Pass of the Rockies.

In 1950, CN imported from the US 1.5 million tons of
bituminous coal while CP imported 1.6 million tons.
This was imported from PA and Ohio into southern
Ontario and Manitoba. The further west and east
regions of Canada were both self-suffient with coal

Hope this helps.
John Riddell

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