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Richard, I'll bet you don't even like the Pennsy or the NYC.<g>Armand

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First, to Richard: I am amazed, sir, amazed at such parochialism! How
any right-thinking model railroader NOT be fascinated by the Rutland?
Jace, I do understand that the Rutland has its die-hard fans, one of
them being my good friend Jeff Enlish. And I'll admit the Rutland
was...well, quaint. But for those of us who grew up with mainline
steam in the west, "quaint" palls quickly. I was raised on a steady
diet of Santa Fe 2900s and 2-10-2s, SP GS-4s and cab-forwards, and UP
FEFs and Challengers. I was fortunate to witness both Cajon and
Tehachapi when the motive power was almost all steam. I once rode the
cab of a 2900 4-8-4 from Barstow to Needles, almost 500 tons of
locomotive pulling a thirteen car mostly-heavyweight train at 80-100
mph. And for about twenty-five miles I was privliged to sit at the
throttle of a Mikado that, though branch line power on the Santa Fe,
was more steam loco than anything the Rutland ever owned.

I remember years ago writing in a magazine article that the Rutland was
"an obscure northeastern short line," a remark that was mainly intended
to tweak Jeff E., and got a vitriolic letter from a Rutland devotee
questioning my intelligence, parentage, etc. in language I'm sure Mike
Brock wouldn't sanction if I repeated it here. Among other things, he
claimed that the Rutland was a "serious mountain railroad," which by
western standards verges on the comical. The fact is that the Rutland
WAS "an obscure northeastern short line." That it had character I'd be
the first to admit. That it may have been lovable I will not deny,
since beauty is notoriously in the eye of the beholder. And I can
certainly understand why modelers for whom coal traffic is a big deal
might be interested in coal movements at the Alburgh trestle. But do I
find the Rutland fascinating? Uh, sorry, not even close.

Richard Hendrickson

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