Re: Canadian open hoppers in USA

Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>

Max Carey wrote:
"I am guessing that a lot of coal moved from the USA into Canada by
rail during the steam era, and it seems reasonable that some of it
may have moved on hoppers of Canadian railroads. However, I can't
recall ever actually seeing a Canadian hopper in the States back
then. I would appreciate information on the subject, including
specifics on the names of the Canadian roads and the kinds of cargo."

If 1956 is a suitable example, the answer then is no, not much Canadian
coal moved south by rail (Canada Bureau of Statistics, 1956: 431k tons of
Bit and 235k tons of Anthracite). This is less than a third of one percent
of US coal shipments. FWIW, tonnage dropped considerably in 1957.
Substantial amounts of US originated coal moved north to Canada tho.

Most curious is the fact that fully half of the tonnage reported by the
Bureau as "delivered to US points" is attributed to either the Maine Central
or the (former) Pere Marquette. I don't know what significance this has...
perhaps those more fmailiar with the region can explain.

About 3/4 of the rest originated in the west and it's known that a good
portion of this tonnage was handed over to the Spokane International.

Hope this helps.

Dave Nelson

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