Wood Swift Reefers

Paul Hillman

I finally got around to getting more of my RR things out of storage. I
found that I still have 2 plastic, HO, Life Like, Swift wood reefers
that must be about 20+ years old. They are marked on the underbody
floor, "Life Like - Hong Kong". I didn't know that we were doing
plastic "China" things back that far, except for Oriental brass
engines & cars??

The cars are about 38 ft, marked "SRLX", #1020, and car-type "RP104".
CU FT 1750. They are white with red lettering. No build date.

What is a good book on wood Swift reefers? Maybe I can kit-bash these
cars into an accurate Swift reefer?? -or another prototype??

I only remember seeing red Swift reefers. Did they do white on certain

Paul Hillman

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