Re: Wood Swift Reefers

Paul Hillman

Ben Hom wrote,

"This car is still on the market in Life-Like's toy line, though retooled with a separate 'generic'
underframe; both models are common at swap meets or on eBay."

Quite interesting since I'd thought that these cars might have been a long-outdated "toy-type" car!

"John Nehrich kitbashed these cars into Armour and Swift reefers during the
late 1980s. See 'Here's the beef - HO meat reefers from a Life-Like car',
Model Railroader, August 1987, p 52."

I think I might have that issue. Now that I can sort through my MR & other mags, I'll seek for it.

"Better kits for meat reefers are available from Sunshine and Funaro, but if
you haven't broken the ice on kit conversions yet, this is a "guilt free"
project as you don't lose anything if you ruin the models."

What I don't understand here Ben is, how can I be "guilt free" if I destroy the models? (Except for in a fit of rage because some parts don't fit or something???) Do Sunshine & Funaro both supply an infinite quantity of replacement parts for grossly inept modelers??

Paul Hillman

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