Re: Wood Swift Reefers

Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Paul Hillman wrote:
"What I don't understand here Ben is, how can I be "guilt free" if I destroy
the models? (Except for in a fit of rage because some parts don't fit or

Because a killer mistake only costs you a model that costs $1-$5 at your
local hobby shop or swap meet, instead of $15-$25 for an advanced styrene
kit or $12-$50 for a resin kit. Consider it a low-cost way to improve your

"Do Sunshine & Funaro both supply an infinite quantity of replacement parts
for grossly inept modelers??"

Westerfield definitely does for 99% of his parts (no Carmer cut levers!);
Sunshine and Funaro do if you're willing to wait a real long time.

Ben Hom

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