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On Jul 21, 2005, at 6:32 AM, Benjamin Hom wrote:

Paul Hillman wrote:
"What I don't understand here Ben is, how can I be "guilt free" if I destroy
the models? (Except for in a fit of rage because some parts don't fit or

Because a killer mistake only costs you a model that costs $1-$5 at your
local hobby shop or swap meet, instead of $15-$25 for an advanced styrene
kit or $12-$50 for a resin kit. Consider it a low-cost way to improve your
I am sure that Tony Thompson and/or Larry Kline can relate the horrified looks and gasps they received in a class they taught (local community college) where they (gasp!) cut up Athearn shells to make new models. I think one of the biggest impediments to modeling (as opposed to model railroading which in most circumstances involves little to no modeling since most model railroaders are not acutally modelers, but screwer-togetherers and even that is a dying breed) is the "analysis-paralysis" dilemma whereby one tries to come up with the most foolproof method of tackling a project before commencing. Unfortunately, the closets, basements, etc. of America are full of such uncommenced efforts. Just do it. It takes a few broken Athearn shells to make an omelette.

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