Re: Wood Swift Reefers

Paul Hillman

Ben Hom wrote:

"Because a killer mistake only costs you a model that costs $1-$5 at your
local hobby shop or swap meet, instead of $15-$25 for an advanced styrene
kit or $12-$50 for a resin kit. Consider it a low-cost way to improve your

I got ya' now. Somehow I was misunderstanding about destroying a resin or expensive kit.

Actually I enjoy doing those kind of kitbashings and salvaging old cars into scale masterpieces. I've always admired John Nehrich's work and articles. My start in model railroading, in the '50's, was heavily into scratch & kit building anyway, back when that was pretty much the norm for the hobby. If things get TOO much out of control though, I'll always have another model to set on my scale RIP track, or scale scrap-yard.

Thanks for all the info.

Paul Hillman

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