Re: Wood Swift Reefers

cvsne <mjmcguirk@...>

John Nehrich kitbashed these cars into Armour and Swift reefers
during the
late 1980s. See "Here's the beef - HO meat reefers from a Life-
Like car",
Model Railroader, August 1987, p 52.
Although I'm sure that issue is out of print, I believe the article
was republished in a Kalmbach book on modeling freight cars a few
years ago. Same book inlcudes Andy Sperandeo's article on detailing
Athearn's old ATSF caboose.

I also did a lot of that kind of "stuff" back then in the "dark days"
of the 1970s and 80s -- I remember kitbashing a TMI "Outside braced"
(that's what it said on the box, and I never figured out what it
really was . . . don't really care now!) boxcar into a CV 40000-
series car. Meant building new ends, roof, doors, and underframe, and
adding individual details to the sides.) I've built better since, but
I treasure that model.

Although I'm thankful every day for the likes of Westerfield,
Sunshine, IRC, RC, P2K, Branchline, etc . . . sometimes I miss
the "good old days . . ." but not TOO much .
Marty McGuirk

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