Re: Raintree County/Ma&Pa

Justin Kahn

As I recall, the film was made around the mid-1950's from a well-selling potboiler and featured an ElizabethTaylor, mature but not yet blowsy, so it is possible commercial copies of the film on tape or DVD might be available for her fans. And to avoid having my probation pulled (I am on work-release for questioning our host-corporation's altruism), I will include a mention of an obscure kit line named Liberty Models, located in Independence MO back in the 1960's. Their only two kits I am aware of were the Ma&Pa flatcar and a special commemorative kit for the NMRA convention in Kansas City; I believe both were made in several scales. I finally, just this last year, acquired one of the O scale flatcar kits, and it isn't at all bad. Although most of the Ma&Pa steam locomotives have been imported in HO, and Westwood made kits for their passenger cars, and Harold Geissel published drawings of quite a few of their freight cars, I don't think anyone else has produced models (although I recall having an Overland eight-wheel caboose back when I was in HO).
Jace Kahn, General Manager
Ceres and Canisteo RR Co.

Did anyone happen to tape this? It has a Ma & Pa car in it that they used.
I haven't been able to find anything out at all about the movie till now. I'd
be interested in obtaining a copy.

Robert "Rocky" Jackson
Scott Pitzer
BTW the other night after showing the Civil War drama "Raintree County," TCM
ran a "Making of" short. It showed the B&O "William Mason" arriving on
location on a P-25 flat... I had the number in mind for awhile, but now I don't.
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