Re: Wood Swift Reefers


Ah yes.I just discovered my yet to be completed Swift reefer kit bash in
my "junk box".I am afraid that model will never get trucks or
couplers.Armand premo

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John Nehrich kitbashed these cars into Armour and Swift reefers
during the
late 1980s. See "Here's the beef - HO meat reefers from a Life-
Like car",
Model Railroader, August 1987, p 52.
Although I'm sure that issue is out of print, I believe the article
was republished in a Kalmbach book on modeling freight cars a few
years ago. Same book inlcudes Andy Sperandeo's article on detailing
Athearn's old ATSF caboose.

I also did a lot of that kind of "stuff" back then in the "dark days"
of the 1970s and 80s -- I remember kitbashing a TMI "Outside braced"
(that's what it said on the box, and I never figured out what it
really was . . . don't really care now!) boxcar into a CV 40000-
series car. Meant building new ends, roof, doors, and underframe, and
adding individual details to the sides.) I've built better since, but
I treasure that model.

Although I'm thankful every day for the likes of Westerfield,
Sunshine, IRC, RC, P2K, Branchline, etc . . . sometimes I miss
the "good old days . . ." but not TOO much .
Marty McGuirk

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