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My apologies to Mr. Buchwald and Ed Hawkins,

Ed is correct. After I enlarged the photo and compared it to similar
angled photos of UP cars it appears that it is a 50 foot PS-1 with "twin
alternating rivet pattern" (there were three basic styles on UP cars). The
rectangles could be hidden behind the hand brake which is an Ajax (should
have been a dead give away) that was not used on the 40 foot PS-1s as I
mentioned below. Also, the distance of the stenciling from the ladder is
farther away than on 40 foot cars and both lots of the 40 foot PS-1s,
B-50-40 and B-50-52 that I mentioned do not have riveted sides, sorry.
If I would have spent a little more time I would not have jumped to such a

Again my apologies! :(

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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Hello Mr. Buchwald,

The PS-1 box car in your photo is a 40 foot car from UP series
100000-101599, PS lot 5908, 1600 cars built in 1948 without the rectangles
at the peak next to the hand wheel common to 1950 PS-1s. These cars have 6
foot door openings with 7 panel Superior doors, and riveted sides.
UP had another lot (8399A) of 40 foot PS-1s built in 1957, welded
series 126000-126524, 525 cars, 8 foot door opening with Pullman and
Youngstown doors.
They also had 50 foot PS-1s but with overhanging roofs and different
paint schemes.

Hope this helps a bit.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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I've received some good info in the past from this group about the
riveted PS-1s that the IC built in their own shops. Also have tried
to gather more info about other roads which owned this variation of
a normally welded car. I haven't seen any printed reference to the
Union Pacific having any of these. However I ran across this photo
which appears to be a riveted PS-1 in UP colors. The resolution is
not good enough to get the number off the end.

Is this a 40' or a 50' car? What is the number series, build
date, etc.
The rivet patterns are interesting in that they are similar to
the construction of, say, an X29, with a double row of rivets at
each panel joint. Some of the CNW cars were also like this.


Phil Buchwald

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