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John Pearson <PRRJ1a@...>

You can see a picture of the J&L 20,000g tank car in Train shed cyclopedia No 12. page 320
published 1973 by Newton K Gregg, Novato, Calif ISBN 0-912318-41-4

The photograph looks like a builders record in light grey, before painting in the actual as delivered livery a not uncommon phenomena of that era.
I have pictures of new PRR L1 2-8-2s in light grey with white air brushed windows !

The nice brass HO model of the tank car by NWSL states - 9 Cars built in 1926 by Standard Tank Co for transport of Hot coal tar between Aliquippa and Pittsburgh.
Given the coal tar service of the cars, black would be a more appropriate livery, as stated by Eldon Gatwood (confirmed by Ken Kobus) .
Champ used to do a very nice J&L 20K tank car, HO decal set in silver, for a black car.
I understand from Ken Kobus that one of the cars was involved in a wreck on the P&LE pre 1966, and that a picture of the distressed car exists in St Louis at the Mercantile Library. I would love to see an in service picture, if anyone has access
Ken Kobus says the last car was cut up about 1992

The National Car Register of 1953 states :
J&L 20,000g tank cars.......... Road numbers 1020 to 1028

John Pearson
Chester Uk

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Subject: [STMFC] J&L 20,000 Gallon Tankcar

Can someone refer me to a source of photos for the J&L three-dome
20,000 gallon tank car. Was the car used in interchange service?
Did it get upgraded with newer trucks replacing the archbars?

Gene Deimling

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