Re: Wood Swift Reefers

Paul Hillman

Gene Green wrote;

Ah, "analysis-paralysis", eh? I knew I had a problem but I didn't
know it had a name. Are there any self-help groups?

Well, I have a whole "pack" of projects like that in boxes, et al, that I still have to do myself. It is not that I have procrastinated nor suffered paralysis, per se, it is instead that circumstance has lent it's misfortune to prevent me from continuing through with my intended endeavors. But, I have "Set my face like Flint", that SOME day I WILL finish them!!!

When I was 10 years old I made the decision that model railroading would be my life-long hobby, in the face of others asking me, "Are you still 'playing' with those trains?" I suffered this response to a long-haired beauty whom I greatly admired in my youth, to the same question; to wit) "Model railroading is NOT 'playing with trains'! It is three dimensional, animated art, understandable only by the truly gifted in perceiving of such deeper, creative things." After that I believe she became a Nun.

It is true though, that one wisely tends to seek out the most proficient way to approach a project, until it becomes sometimes a self-made, MAJOR project. I have done that often myself, seeking the highest perfection that I could attain, to the point that I've become almost dysfunctional with the project.

The "self-help" would be, like I've done,.....put the project aside for about 20 years, and then tackle it once again. The hiatus will provide a sufficient regrouping of intent about the project, and eventually one might even finish the damned thing!! Never give up!!

Paul Hillman

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