Aug.'87 MR & Swift Reefers

Paul Hillman

I found it!!! I KNEW I had it packed away,....the August 1987, Model
Railroader with the John Nehrich article on kitbashing Life Like Swift
wood reefers, and still in good condition too!! I remember buying
several decal sets for building/rebuilding these cars, Cudahy,
Dubuque, etc., back then, but I didn't get to get too far in the
process'. As of today, I shall recommence. I have my X-acto knife in-
hand as I write.

One question though, are accurate Swift decals (and the others) still
available for these cars, in case my old ones are defunct?

Thanks Ben Hom for your re-referring to this article.

Also in the same issue is Jack Burgess' Yosemite Valley Railroad.
Wasn't that our first real viewing of Jack's fine railroad?

Paul Hillman

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