Re: Intermountain ACF TYPE 27 Tank car

bierglaeser <bierglaeser@...>

I have added a photo album entitled "K brake diagrams" to the photo
section of STMFPH, not this group but the other group. It contains
information on K brakes in general and one photo that shows the
specific alterations needed to improve the Life-Like tank car whether
back-dating to K brakes or keeping the AB brakes. If the posted
diagrams don't answer your questions, please ask for more information.
Gene Green

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Gene, can you post that diagram to the files section. I'd like to
see it.

Rob Kirkham
I can and I shall. Gotta remember how to do that. Gimme some time.

Do need to clarify something apparently. The Life-Like tank car has
brakes as it comes from Life-Like. I was offering drawings to back-
date the car to use KC brakes.

While checking my sources and comparing them to the Life-Like model I
noticed that the brake cylinder on the Life-Like car is a little too
far towards the car's center. I'll post a drawing showing where the
brake cylinder - whether AB or KC - should be located.

Gene Green

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