South Buffalo photos

Bud Rindfleisch

The listing Brian Carlson posted is a good one for motive power and industrial steel plant scenes. I have two hopper photos of "steam era" heritage. One being a builder's (?) photo of a USRA (again, ?) 50 ton, origin of photo unknown. The other is a scan of a photo from Don Ball's book "The Pennsylvania Railroad 1940's -1950's" showing a "home shop built" offset side twin in Altoona, probably taken in the mid 50's. This is in color.
I could post the b&w USRA but don't want to get into problems for posting a book scanned pic.
Also FWIW, the SB had no narrow gauge as some of the photo captions state, those were all Beth Steel owned. SB Rwy interchanged in the steam era with: B&O, NYC, PRR, BCK, Erie, and DL&W RR's.
Bud Rindfleisch

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