Working with kids, was RE: Re: Wood Swift Reefers

Schuyler Larrabee

Rob, I applaud you. This is Good Work. More power to you.


Actually I have an outlet for my C list equipment. At my
church we have a boys youth group and a few years ago built a
medium sized railroad in one of our classrooms. It is double
track main with 28" min radius and thanks to the guys from
Mod-U-Trak has 5 cabs and provisions for an upgrade to DCC.
Most of my older Athearn cars and engines are "on loan". Work
permitting, I hold work sessions with the kids, try to give
them some basic knowledge and fuel the potential of the more
train wise boys. Most of them have never railfanned and
woldn't recognize the difference between the Athearn 40 ft
rolling stock on the layout and a Plate C car on the EJ&E.
Thats a good thing because they also won't complain about how
difficult a Branchline car is to build or how hard it is to
drill for grabs on a Walthers caboose like the "adult"
modelers I've heard. These young men appreciate the fact that
an adult cares enough to spend some time and share his
talents with them. It keps the hobby alive and lets you
share information that you would normally take for granted.
Rob Manley
Midwest Mod-U-Trak

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