Re: Refrigerator Car Brine Holding Tanks

Bruce Smith <smithbf@...>

Bob Chaparro wrote:
My question is, were such brine tanks ever required for RS reefers in
produce service?
Tony Thompson Replied:
No, although salt was used for rapid cooling of fresh produce and
to attain low temperatures for frozen food. Drain outlets in an RS
could be closed, but the capacity of a bunker bottom was not close to
equalling the entire bunker load of ice, so one didn't lightly close
the drains; you could flood the cargo.
In the days of ice refrigerator cars, dripping brine on the rails posed a significant maintenance issue to the railroads. The salt caused corrosion of track and track components. Many railroads had cars designed to spray oil on the track to protect them from the brine. This is an aspect of Steam Era railroading that I have yet to see modeled by anyone.


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