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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Bruce Smith writes:

You are <G>. I would be VERY curious to know of a circumstance
whereby fresh produce was shipped TO florida <VBG>. Especially in 1928.
I'm going to carefully note that part of my response is out of scope and additional messages on the subject are also out of don't do it <g>.

First, FL is most definitely NOT self sufficient regarding produce now and hasn't been for some time. I cannot say if that was true in our period although I could probably find out. Coincidentally, I know a guy who is a FL historian who very likely owns the best collection of Florida photos that exists today. At least he thinks so. Anyhow...quickly...and out of scope...FL receives...unbelievably...citrus from California and other fruit...strawberries, black berries and blue berries from Mexico, Central America and North Carolina to name three locations I am familiar with even though all are grown in Florida. That's enough on this out of scope subject.

Mike Brock

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