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Bruce Smith wrote:

Of course, I LOVE it as it supports a mix of reefers hauling Florida produce north, which would have included PFE, MDT, and FGE/BRE/WFE (although that PFE date of 1928 is quite a bit earlier than the other two)

While probably not from Florida (probably Mobile or New Orleans, instead), on September 27th, 1946 there was a 43 reefer block loaded with bananas northbound on the Southern's Washington Division (Monroe VA to Pot Yard). The road names of the 43 reefers included: - FGEX group (9 - FGEX; 2 - BREX; 2 - WFEX; and 1 CX); 11 - PFE; 7 - MDT; 4 - ART; 3 - SFRD; 2- URTX; 1 - NP; and 1 Indecipherable.

I imagine that the SOU got the business only instead of banana boats usually arriving in Baltimore or further north because many of those banana boats were being retrofitted for civilian service after WW II: - the Gulf Ports allowing a quicker turnaround than the North Atlantic Ports.

Tim Gilbert

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