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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Richard HeNdrickson writes

I don't know anybody named "Hedrickson," much less a noted geographer.
having grown up on the west coast and spent most of my life here, I can
tell you that, for us far westerners, the west begins at the Front Range.
Denver is western, Cheyenne is Western. Fort Worth isn't western, it's
southwestern, with an emphasis on "south"; all y'gotta do is listen to all
the southernisms in the dialect. Westerners have ranches, not farms (as
Nebraska and the Dakotas),

Many years ago, while in undergraduate school, I had the opportunity to take
an elective course and chose a graduate class called "History of the West"
thinking...Finally, something interesting, a course in the old gunfighters
and outlaws. Alas, to my horror, it was a course on the westward movement.
Indeed, the professor thought that Pittsburgh...or Fort Pitt to him...was
the gateway to the West.

Having originated in eastern Oklahoma and then been taken to the original
Atomic City of Oak Ridge, Tenn, at a very early age, I can tell you that I
considered Oklahoma to be part of the West and looked forward every year to
visiting my aunt's ranch. Alas again. When I got there, my relatives
invariably said, "Do you wanta go out to the farm?" Strike one up for
Richard again.

Who knows what the Burlington was trying to say. At least the Katy boxcars
said, "Serves the SOUTHwest well. I think I can live with that.

Mike Brock

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