Re: Wabash #8000-8299 series boxcars #8000-8299

Tim O'Connor

Ed, can you give more info on this Wabash 8000-8299 series? I
never heard of this group. Who built, when, other particulars?
As it happens, that is one of only 3 or 4 issues of Mainline
Modeler I never got hold of.

Stefan, what kit did you use to model the car?

Tim O'Connor

I'd like to letter a Wabash #8000-8299 series 10'6" 40' DD
boxar for the early - mid 1950s using CDs dry trnasfers. Does anyone
have a photo of one of these cars? Black roof? Ends? Any idea if wood
or steel running board? Type of trucks? Stefan Lerché
A photo appeared in the Nov/Dec 1980 issue of Mainline Modeler on page
17 (car no. 8153), taken circa 1963. I can't be of help to you
regarding official paint specs but the sides and ends were no doubt
Wabash #10 Red. Chances are good that the roof was coated with black
car cement as this was a common practice on Wabash box cars built
during the early 1950s. The side sill extends in a straight line
between the bolsters. The running board on car 8258 (Joe Collias photo
in 1962 of a repainted car 3-59) shows a U.S. Gypsum running board and
A.A.R. spring plankless trucks. Perhaps Chet French has more data about
these cars and will report. Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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