Re: PFE (& SFRD) Westbound Loads

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

William Keene wrote:


A good deal of the local KC LCL traffic was loaded/unloaded at the
freight house in the west bottoms just south of the location of old
Union Depot. This was fairly tight operating confines and most of it
built before the 20th Century. There is the possibility that there was
not enough room between car and freight house to swing a reefer door.
Or perhaps even switch a string of open door reefers along side.

I was referring to not enough room on parallel tracks to swing open the hinged doors of reefers. This was the "usual" problem at most transfer houses where there were no permanent platforms between parallel tracks.

Regarding KC's West Bottoms District, hinged doors could always be opened if the reefer was set at the "warehouse's" doors. I believe, however, that the West Bottoms area had what was proverbially referred to as a "transfer" rather than a "freight house."

Tim Gilbert

I had written:

According to page 15 of Jordan, Hendrickson, et al.'s SANTA FE
REFRIGERATOR CARS, the Santa Fe had special dock facilities at
Yard to load reefers with LCL; I assume that the LCL Transfer at
Argentine was not equipped to load reefers efficiently due to their
hinged doors (vs. sliding on boxcars), and that merchandise had to be
trucked over from the Transfer to this special dock facility.

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