Re: 10/46 and 1/47 ORER Request

Ed Hawkins

On Wednesday, July 27, 2005, at 05:44 PM, Brian Leppert wrote:

Ed--#40000 is listed in the Jan. 1947 ORER, with the little black
pyramid denoting an addition.
Thanks much. The builder's photo shows a build date of 10-46, but Bob
Bowes reported earlier that the 10/46 ORER didn't list it. By the way,
this information will be used in a table in the next RP CYC for an
article submitted by Bill Welch about FGE/BRE/WFE reefers built
1942-1946, including some coverage of FGE's token aluminum car. I
appreciate your looking this up as this helps fill out the table more
Ed Hawkins

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