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In addition to Ed's comments, Richard Hendrickson was kind enough to
send me a photo of #8252 by Red Davis in 1962(repaint). As I
understand it, the cars were built in 1950 with 1/3/4 Improved
Dreadnaught ends with a diagonal panel roof. They had somewhat
uncommon 12ft door openings. The photo shows Barber S-2 trucks. There
is also apparently a 1972 Frank Szachacz photo of car #8188 in Classic
Freight Cars, Vol. I and of #8252 by Virl Davis in the January '90
RMJ/RMJ Vol. II . I don't have access to these two photos

I've got an old Mckean 40' DD car with the 12ft opening that I'm using
for this one (the ends are wrong). I guess the Accurail car is the
same. Garth Groff said he used B-Line (rolling pin) ends instead, so I
may do that and the sill needs to be straightened.

I'm still not sure of the paint scheme for the as built cars, but
perhaps the other photos will shed light on this.

Stefan Lerché
Duncan, BC

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Ed, can you give more info on this Wabash 8000-8299 series? I
never heard of this group. Who built, when, other particulars?
As it happens, that is one of only 3 or 4 issues of Mainline
Modeler I never got hold of.

Stefan, what kit did you use to model the car?

Tim O'Connor

I'd like to letter a Wabash #8000-8299 series 10'6" 40' DD
boxar for the early - mid 1950s using CDs dry trnasfers. Does anyone
have a photo of one of these cars? Black roof? Ends? Any idea if wood
or steel running board? Type of trucks? Stefan Lerché
A photo appeared in the Nov/Dec 1980 issue of Mainline Modeler on page
17 (car no. 8153), taken circa 1963. I can't be of help to you
regarding official paint specs but the sides and ends were no doubt
Wabash #10 Red. Chances are good that the roof was coated with black
car cement as this was a common practice on Wabash box cars built
during the early 1950s. The side sill extends in a straight line
between the bolsters. The running board on car 8258 (Joe Collias photo
in 1962 of a repainted car 3-59) shows a U.S. Gypsum running board and
A.A.R. spring plankless trucks. Perhaps Chet French has more data
these cars and will report. Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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