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In regard to Andy's post regarding Devcon, I have a friend in Ft. Wayne Indiana who makes his own masters and casts all of his PRR rolling stock from Devcon. Bill Faith, whom some of those on this list may remember, had been the original owner of Custom Railway Supply. At that time he was selling engravings of tower signs, railroad crossing signs, engine and tender badge plates, in addition to also making trust plates for passenger cars, cabin (cabooses to most of you) cars and freight cars (proper references for this list).

Bill has always cast his own parts from his own molds and masters, or from molds he made of commercially made parts. Over the last several years he has turned to Devcon to cast his own kits and parts which assembles into passenger cars and freight cars which would not otherwise be available, or available only as a brass model. His standards are so high that he absolutely refuses to buy a lot of what is on the market, either in brass, plastic or urethane.

He says that the Devcon as a casting material, even for large objects such as freight and passenger car sides, is an excellent medium to use and has had very few problems with it. I have seen the results of his work. He has cast PRR H30 Covered Hoppers where the only commercial parts that he has used were the grab irons, dimensional brass wire, couplers and wheel sets. They are exquisite! The interesting thing is that the Devcon he is using, when set up and hardened, is a dark gray. I imagine from Andy's description of the WHITE 2-Ton epoxy, that there must be several versions of this casting material on the market.

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Andy Carlson wrote:

A very accomplished modeler, who has mentored me for
decades, showed me a technique years ago which I still
gratefully use and have found nothing else with the
properties I find useful.

Hardware stores which stock Devcon WHITE 2-Ton epoxy
are the source for a great filler for styrene models.
Back when I was making a few masters of freight cars,
styrene was the material I worked with and I found
that this Devcon product was a very good surface
filler. It has a hardness similar to styrene, an asset
when someone is sanding/filing the work area. It does
not shrink, and the working consistency enables single
application success. Downside? It takes about 6 hours
to harden. Avoid the 5-minute epoxys, for their
shrinkage alone makes them unusable for this purpose.

Over the years this product has been harder to find,
though it seems to be currently available in a double
syringe applicator. I suggest separating the 2
syringes, and when mixing, use a ratio of about 55/45
white component to cream component.

BTW, Devcon White 2-Ton Epoxy is an extremely good
product for casting small parts from molds made from
Auto Parts stores high Temperature Silicone Gasket
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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