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When I was in high school I worked on a project with a meteorologist from
Rutgers University studying the phases of the moon and whether there was a
correlation between them and frost. This study was done in relation to the peach
farmers in Southern New Jersey. There is a huge area of land there that has
peaches. You might want to check to see if there were shipments originating
there. My conjecture would be that it was mainly shipped to either Philadelphia
or New York City.

Robert "Rocky" Jackson

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Mike Turner wrote:

With all the discussion of FL oranges, I have been wondering about the
asparagus shipments from Edgefield county SC.

My dad told me he helped load crates of asparagus into boxcars (maybe
reefers) about 1937. The one shipper in Johnston, SC, did about 2 cars a
day. Is there any way to put more numbers on this traffic and any
How long was the asparagus season in Johnston? Two weeks? 2 x 14 = 28.

On a related subject, can anyone tell me where to look to put numbers on
peach shipments around 1950?
In 1950, 3,307 tons of fresh peaches not frozen were originated on Class
I RR's in the US. At roughly 25 tons per car, that would be 132
carloads. Those approx. 132 carloads would be originated all over the
nation - not just in South Carolina.

Would these have shipped via FGE cars?
Could have been in Ventilated Boxcars, too in the southeast.

Tim Gilbert

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