Re: Devcon Epoxy (was Using CA as a gap filler)

Andy Carlson

Yes, I have seen Devcon in a 1 pound package, though a
visit at Devcon's web site yielded nothing about
retail packs.

Some hardware stores sell Devcon's "Liquid Steel"
which to me seems identical to 2-Ton White, except for
the color. I use a little of this black epoxy to give
a nice light grey color to the White 2-Ton.

One nice feature of 2-Ton is its paste-like
consistency, which is useful for casting one piece car
bodies w/o the need for an inner mold. I have a WP N
scale F7A I made years ago (before Kato made their F7)
cast totally in Devcon White 2-Ton, including the
"High Line" pilot mounted snow plow. I still have that
model, and it is holding up just as well as if it were

I would again caution against mixing 50:50. I suggest
55:45 White to cream hardener, or a rubbery expoxy
will result.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

--- "Thomas M. Olsen" <tmolsen@UDel.Edu> wrote:

I imagine from Andy's description of the WHITE
2-Ton epoxy, that there
must be several versions of this casting material on
the market.

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