Re: Devcon Epoxy (was Using CA as a gap filler)

Andy Carlson

Excuse my ear to ear grin as I respond. Precision is
not necessary, nor practiced by me. The epoxy simply
needs to be mixed a little on the "Rich" side for the
White component to get good material. Remember the
tear-off windows on the Front Range kit boxes? I mix
my Devcon on pieces of these cut outs, laying down a
stripe of White first, followed by a stripe of cream
hardener along side the first stripe. It is important
that both tubes have the same sized openings punched
by an awl, so each stripe is the same diameter. When
oozing out the cream hardener, stop where you feel
that it is slightly less than the white stripe. I
often mix amounts that would weigh less than 1/2 gram.
I suggest squeezing out the White component first, as
the cream hardener tends to flow out and flatten,
making eyeball estimates harder.

Also, while I could not believe it, a friend found
that regular rubbing alcohol can be used to thin the
epoxy with little to no observed degradation, so very
low viscous pours can be done. I also clean up the
tools and cardboard mixing board w/ alcohol.

One more thing, if you encounter a situation where you
need to patch a hole (such as plugging a caboose
window), simply stretch a piece of transparent tape
(Scotch) over the opening from the outside, then lay
in the Devcon from the inside. the transparency allows
for visually following the fill, voids will look
black. Allow to cure for at leat 12 hours, and peel
off the tape. You will not have to do any other prep
work, and the patch will be quicker and superior to
cutting and fitting styrene plugs. This is where it is
important to get the 55:45 mix, for if your ratio is
off, the rubbery epoxy will distort as the tape is
peeled off, and a slightly wavy surface will result.
On the other hand, if you want the effect of rippled
patch panels, use that trait to your advantage. You
will be amazed at what can be done with Devcon.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

--- wrote:

Andy, how do you measure the stuff with such
precision? Do
you have a scale, or do you do it by volume? I
wonder if the
50:50 ratio works by weight but not volume, or vice

Tim O.

I would again caution against mixing 50:50. I
55:45 White to cream hardener, or a rubbery expoxy
will result.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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