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Posted this message to the Wabash list, but did not receive a
response: I'd like to letter a Wabash #8000-8299 series 10'6" 40' DD
boxar for the early - mid 1950s using CDs dry trnasfers. Does anyone
have a photo of one of these cars? Black roof? Ends? Any idea if
or steel running board? Type of trucks?

Sorry that I am a little slow replying regarding these cars. Ed
Hawkins has done a good job describing the car. The cars were built
between January and June 1950, at the Wabash's Decatur shop. They
were the first and only 40' steel double door auto cars built or
purchased by the railroad. The cars when built had the small flag
and reporting marks to the left of the doors and the WABASH to the
right. The bottom of the 18" WABASH was 4'-7 1/4" from the bottom of
the sides. The large flag began being used on repainted cars in
1961. The car number was 7" high until June 1956, when they were
changed to 9". The color chart shows the body, roof, underframe and
trucks all painted Wabash #10- freight car red. The underframe and
ends of the cars also received a coat of Wabash #37 black cement
prior to receiving the final coat of Wabash freight car red.

The cars show having three different trucks types used. ASF A-3,
Barber S-2-C, and what the Wabash always referred to
as "Bettendorf". Cars had Miner hand brake housings and wheels and
what appears to be Apex running boards. Between 1950 and 1953, 289
of the cars received panel racks for Ford side panel loading and were
designated as XAP's. A few cars also were fitted for transmission
loading. The balance of the cars were designated as XM's.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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