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Thanks for the information. There was a large produce receiver a
few miles up the same branch that served Schlitz, Blatz, Pabst.
Do the wheel reports make a distinction as to the type of box car
they were (XM's or RBL's)? The Milwaukee would use standard box cars
in warmer seasons if there was a shortage of insulated cars.

Phil Buchwald

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Anthony Thompson wrote:

Since beer was quite often shipped in insulated box cars,
does this
imply that I can run PFE reefers loaded FROM the Schlitz

Yes, though I doubt PFE and SFRD provided more than a
fraction of
the outgoing cars (and those only in certain seasons).
In the Fall 1947 UP Conductor Fraley's wheel report, there were
carloads of beer reported: - four of them were carried in boxcars;
other 16 in reefers with five of those reefers being PFE.

In the Fall 1946 SOU wheel report between Pot Yard and Monroe VA,
were ten carloads of beer reported: - all ten of them being

Tim Gilbert

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