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Scott Pitzer wrote:
"It says here I replaced the ends on the Accurail body with resin
no doubt from "Canadian Railway Model Parts Guild." Branchline
have the equivalent design (R/3/4 with the rolling pin cross-
section on
the 3/4 ribs.)"

Branchline 100001

"I used "mostly Champ lettering but large flag from Microscale
road set." There could be something much better from Mark Vaughan
another source."

Looks like Mark Vaughan E-1 or E-2, though I'm hoping Mark or Chet
chime in here...

Mark Vaughan's E-1 set includes the seven inch numbers and small flag
that was on the 8000-8299 series cars when new. One sheet appears to
have enough lettering to do three Wabash and one NJI&I cars, with
small flags on two of them. I do not have an updated E-2 set, but do
have an older set, with no ID number, which has the four different
size flags and nine inch numbers. If I were to use this set, I would
still use the 18" WABASH from the E-1 set. YMMV. CDS has a set HO-
91, Wabash steel box car which has the 1961 large flag and lettering.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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