Re: Asparagus and Peaches in SC


I know the Ma & Pa Railroad served several canneries in Maryland and
Pennsylvania. I went back and looked up a report from May 22, 1937 that details the
industries they served. The report comes out of the Oppice of the Preseident &
General manager of the railroad located in Baltimore dated May 5, 1937. From
that report here is the canneries they served:

Hillsboro-Queen Anne Cooperative Corporation in Whiteford, Maryland (this had
at least one or more private sidings to it)

C.P. Scarboroguh in Delta, PA
Howard Proctor in Delta, PA

E.G. Ruff in Bryansville, Pennsylvania

J.T. Gemmill in High Rock, Pennsylvania

I don't know what the canneries processed as that is not detailed in the
report. As of 1960 the population of these towns was as follows---Whiteford--120,
Delta--822, Bryansville--25, and High Rock--I don't know.

Therefore, given their population as of 1960---given when the canneries were
operating it doesn't seem like they would have been huge operations.

Robert "Rocky" Jackson

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That sounds more like it! Most peach traffic by rail in those days
(and nowadays) probably was canned peaches and preserves. If anyone
has information on the location of major cannery areas in the U.S.
I'd love to hear about it... I know Central California is such a

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